guilt and content

you know, for what should be primarily a knitting blog.... there has been a distinct absence of knitting content for the last few weeks. a fairly decent explanation for this occurence would be the fact that i have been ignoring my knitting for my other passion... reading. at one time i was troubled that i would not be able to maintain both of my favourite passtimes - but soon discovered the library carries audio-books. i think i felt the same elation george did on seinfeld when he realized he could watch tv and, ahem, get it on.

on the first day of my vacation (which has since, dreadfully, come to an end) i stopped at the library on my way home and checked out five books. i've been on a roll - reading this month alone: the memory keeper's daughter (meh), life of pi (great!), suite francaise (great!), continuity girl (bleh).... and i'm now starting the elephant vanishes by haruki murakami.

all of this makes me happy, but i am feeling... what is it... pangs of guilt... is this how a mother feels when she spends more time with one child than the other?

i intend to get back on the knitting wagon. i would like to finish the blanket i'm knitting as a gift during the winter... and any of the ideas i had for fall knitting, they will have to wait until next fall... because fall is now almost over.

well, off to crack the spine of yet another library book.


day of shopping

my sister and i decided to get our christmas shopping done a little early this year - mostly because i'll be flying home in november and i can bring it all then.

breakfast at eggspectations...

my sis and her bf...
be still my heart....

we finished of shopping with a pedicure (our gifts to each other - how about that!) and this lovely woman let me take pictures of her haircut... i have been wanting to change my hair - and saw hers and thought -damn, that is awesome. she was so nice to let me do that, and actually got the business card of the hairdresser (which i promptly took pictures of as well).


shake hands with a hero

i met l.gen. roméo dallaire (a true canadian hero) at the rally today.

i also bought this guide.... i'm planning to hike the inca trail next year to machu pichu...


final day of vacation

running (4:1 interval!)

followed by a double bill at the mayfair theatre

can you tell i'm squeezing as much as i can into what's left of my vacation?
i can't believe i have to go back to work tomorrow.

vacation day 10

finished the book - life of pi...
and saw elizabeth: the golden age. i would highly recommend seeing this movie in the theatre

vacation day 10


and knitting

and nothing else


vacation day 9

on our way back home we stopped to pick up george's tastee bakery & deli and picked up a couple of boxes of jamaican patties. we also stopped in markham on our way back to ottawa at tsukiji restaurant.

vacation day 8

vacation day 7

vacation day 6


vacation - day 1

so far, the first day of my vacation has been beautiful! these are some photos from my current favourite hike - skyline trail in gatineau park.

fall colours socks