i was generously gifted with one of my favourite gifts: a chapters giftcard.

i couldn't wait and have already made my order:

what a better combination than pride and prejudice (the real deal) and knitting. i am so excited.

we were also spoiled all over the place with other gifts and food and fun. and i spent a good portion of the day knitting. all in all, a fabulous time.


winter wonderland

this year we've been dealing with incredible amounts of snow. i actually like snow - i can deal with lots of snow... cold on the other hand, not so much. so here we go...

december 3:

december 4:
december 8:
and............ december 16:

(when the airport measured a total snowfall of 55cm)

about 10 a.m.

about 1 p.m.

the terminator

phew, half the car is done

at 8 p.m. what happened?

look at that enormous pile of snow

can you see the trunk of the tree? of course not!

the walkway


Urban Ninja

i think steph has a new crush!


my opinion: heartbreaking. and beautiful.


my opinion: everyone should read this book.