i was generously gifted with one of my favourite gifts: a chapters giftcard.

i couldn't wait and have already made my order:

what a better combination than pride and prejudice (the real deal) and knitting. i am so excited.

we were also spoiled all over the place with other gifts and food and fun. and i spent a good portion of the day knitting. all in all, a fabulous time.


winter wonderland

this year we've been dealing with incredible amounts of snow. i actually like snow - i can deal with lots of snow... cold on the other hand, not so much. so here we go...

december 3:

december 4:
december 8:
and............ december 16:

(when the airport measured a total snowfall of 55cm)

about 10 a.m.

about 1 p.m.

the terminator

phew, half the car is done

at 8 p.m. what happened?

look at that enormous pile of snow

can you see the trunk of the tree? of course not!

the walkway


Urban Ninja

i think steph has a new crush!


my opinion: heartbreaking. and beautiful.


my opinion: everyone should read this book.


Europe is a country and everyone speaks french here

well, now i don't feel so bad for not knowing england was an island.

special mention to the way jeff foxworthy pronounces "hungary"


socks for mom

mirasol peru 100% hand dyed merino wool: habacho

mom picked out the colors... and i whipped those puppies off the needle like there was no tomorrow.
guess i should get back to working on the wedding blanket. or maybe another pair of socks... hrm.


sunday forest stroll socks

these socks remind me of a lovely stroll in a forest... all of the colours of trees, dirt, babbling brooks.

i'm working away on a pair of socks for mom. pictures coming soon.



I made my first loan at kiva.org today! I am so excited to begin what I hope is the first of many.
The fantastic thing about this is that it is not a charity. It's a small amount to pay but makes a huge difference to the borrower. Once the loan is repaid you can re-loan to a new borrower. And the cycle goes.
i dare you to check it out and not be compelled to join: http://www.kiva.org/app.php


monday night soccer club

knitting content to arrive in a short while...

but in the meantime, i scored my first goal at indoor soccer monday night. we played a double header, and i scored during the second game - which is amazing since i was unable to take any breaks (other than half time) and i was pooped!

the other team said it had be about the best celebration they'd ever seen - like i had won the lotto or something. and i felt like i had.


home improvement

right now we are in the middle of reorganizing some rooms. we're moving the office into what is now the craft room. the old office will become the guest bedroom and a pared down version of the craft room.

on a whim we decided to pain the old craft room which was painted in an awful minty-green colour. off we headed to home depot and out we came with a gallon of primer and a gallon of paint in "horizon blue" from C.I.L.

so far the room is taped and primed. today we'll focus on both coats of paint.

so much for a quick change!

home.... november 15th

jason's shepherd's pie
mmm.... tastes as good as it looks

briggs and little - november 13th

described by one of my friends as my version of mecca:

be still my heart....
the damage.... only two bags full.....

oh deer - november 12th

this is at my aunt and uncle's home... look how close the deer come.

reconnecting in moncton - november 11th

look at all that snow!

here is my friend shannon from high school, and her bf dave. i hadn't seen shannon in about 10 year, and thanks to good ol' facebook, we reconnected. it was such a nice visit - waaaaaay too short! so invited her to come visit me in ottawa. it was great - it felt as though no time had passed (except the obvious changes like being married or having a degree). that's the true test of friendship. 10 years can pass and you wouldn't even know it.
here's jon, also from highschool - also a reconnect from facebook. He helped Kamécha make a snow man. He promptly crumbled once we were all inside.
Tammy's daughter Kamécha. Tammy is Shannon's sister. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of her - wtf!
there were drawing lessons - here is Kaméchas' version of vache. my brother - in't he adorable?
for supper.... chinese food at the buffet in fredericton.