birthday spoiling

there's something i need to tell you.

my husband is bananas when he buys presents. he always goes waaaay over the top and loves to surprise me. this isn't a complaint...

for my birthday, i got:

an ipod docking station

a purse from roots

a kenneth cole watch

... hello kitty items, and tickets to see hawksley workman in november!!!!

i liked turning 30 a lot.

my mom sent me a generous cheque, so i picked up a necklace i have had my eye on for a while:

now i just need a pair of brown blundstones to go with the purse, and we're all set.

*thanks mister - you really know how to make a girl feel special and spoiled rotten


itching to knit

i pumped out two of these hats, mostly because i had the yarn the pattern called for, didn't have to mess around with getting gauge and needed to knit.

the colours aren't ones i would normally choose - but the yarn was a gift from a secret knitting pal...

the first hat is for my little sis. i'll have to find a good home for this one.


fab finds this weekend

this weekend has been a fruitful one for good finds.
jason is gone camping, and i had the urge to hunt. on my hunt, i gathered a few items that i am peachy-pleased about.

Value Village: $0.99
Zellers: on sale for $7.17

Zellers: on sale for $4.14

Zellers: on sale for $5.47

Ten Thousand Villages: bracelet $4.50 with matching necklace $7.50

Ten Thousand Villages: $6.00

Sears: super clearance sale - $42.00

Of course I went and fell in love with a deliciously gorgeous necklace at Ten Thousand Villages... which is more than the combined total of all of my purchases. This picture doesn't do it justice, it is stunning in person. Of course, I showed great restraint. But I am still thinking about it.

i can't believe i found jewelry at Zellers. i was there a while back when i got my new watch... and while waiting for jason to finish up in the dvd section i puttered arround the jewelry and saw the teardrop earrings. i didn't buy anything (other than the watch) at that time... but since i kept thinking about what a bargain they were, i went back. and everything rang in under the regular price, which i was not anticipating.

i'm pretty pleased with myself. excited for value village with mel tomorrow. we'll see what comes if it.

indolence & knitting

first, i'll start off by saying i have been a lazy blogger.
also, since i've been less than committed in my physical fitness, i've somehow found more time to knit. funny how that is.
i've finished a pair of socks, which were a long time in the making. i also, finished a hat and am now working on another one (same pattern, different colours).
here is some photographic evidence:

pattern: basic sock recipe
yarn: Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM)

pattern: sheep & wool hat (ravelry)
yarn: cascade 220