i have been slacking...

i've still been knitting... i am so close to being finished my current project... just a little bit left... and then i'm going to do some quick projects...

i've been busy loading new music to i-tunes... lately, i've added:

city & colour
sarah slean
pascale picard
tegan & sara

i've also signed up at twitter (see sideboard for my twitterpations).

well... i have a whole day off... so i am off to knit and read.... out for lunch with jason and our friends.... and perhaps even watch jason play some pick-up hockey. it really doesn't get much nicer.


now the good news!!!

i trudged my sorry butt into work today. first off, the snow was piled high.... not to mention that it was my day off - so, not necessarily the happiest of circumstances...

but... i was lucky enough to have nabbed myself a new (to me) namaste messenger knitting bag.

i met squishyblue (whom i found through ravelry) from whom i've adopted my lovely new blue bag... and who so, so generously threw in a little present for me - of koigu!!! oh, i cannot wait to start my new pair of socks!

i'm so extcited, because the lovely teal colour of my bag feels like a harbinger of spring... she's also invited me to join her knitnite, which i cannot wait to attend.

i am so glad to have met a fellow ottawa knitter. squishy is amazing - she had the most beautiful entrelac shawl. and she is a knitting teacher! what more handy knitting pal to have then a teacher?

i love the interweb.

first the bad news....

the amount, in centimetres, of snow we got over the weekend. however, perhaps also the new muscles i gained from all of the shovelling.

view from the front door (this remains unshovelled after saturday night's dump of snow... we're using the garage door for access):

the drift up to the door is about shoulder height on me. (husband for scale):

do you see the bank of snow that goes right up to the second floor deck? insane!

i feel really badly for these people - the driveway hadn't been touched the entire weekend:

look closely - he's shovelling his car off...

my neighbours enjoying a lovely stroll in their snowshoes

a little before & after

here's what the deck looked like saturday around one p.m. - after i'd shovelled a good metre or snow off:

and, here's the after... you'd never know i'd shovelled - another metre!

the barbeque is a lovely reminder that spring / summer / fall actually do exist.....


Dear ipod,

i love you so much....

bus rides seem shorter

running is blissful

shovelling for 2 hours is much less awful

that is all.


my sentiments exactly

my co-worker just sent me this... and it couldn't have expressed myself better:

Will it ever stop? Yo - I don't know.

when will it be spring????