7 months

it's a little blurry... but i don't get dressed up too often... i was on my way to a coworker's wedding.


baby girl

the ultrasound has confirmed that we're expecting a girl....!


is winter over yet?

here's the first photo of our real-life venza... 1 day old...

dumb snow.


driving miss* baby...

well, with the new baby comes the need for new wheels. our current lease was coming to an end this month and we had to find something new.

fortunately, all of our needs were met. for me: the right price. for the hubby: a car he's excited about driving and comfortable in. for baby: safety and scotchguarding.

toyota venza. it's pretty spectacular, well laid out, lots of cargo space, and fuel efficient.

so excited!!!

*we don't know what the baby is yet


little bean

well, here's the most recent project i've been working on.

it should be finished by july 13 2009.

i can't even express how excited we are at the prospect of becoming parents for the first time. after 10 years together, this will be an interesting yet welcome change in our life. we're so happy and can't wait to meet the little one.