driving miss* baby...

well, with the new baby comes the need for new wheels. our current lease was coming to an end this month and we had to find something new.

fortunately, all of our needs were met. for me: the right price. for the hubby: a car he's excited about driving and comfortable in. for baby: safety and scotchguarding.

toyota venza. it's pretty spectacular, well laid out, lots of cargo space, and fuel efficient.

so excited!!!

*we don't know what the baby is yet


Selene said...

Hey, congrats on the baby! When are you due? I'm due with #2 at the end of May.
~lima bean from DH

middlevillage said...

i haven't been to dh in ages... i've popped by a few times, but it seemed a bit desolate... i've been mostly at ravelry.

i'm due mid-july. wow - number 2 - that is a whole different type of crazy!

Selene said...

DH is still my "home" on the internet...it has it's quiet times and it's busy times!
Yeah, #2...I'm a little afraid but alot excited!