yep, that's me. and i'm proud.

the challenge: 100m swim, 11.4k bike, 2k run

the goal: under 1 hour

the reality: 1:03:59

the result: satisfied, yet more determined than ever to up my game. i can train harder and do better.

it was such a happy day for me. jason was there cheering me on when i finished each task... at the end i was just so elated... that i'd finished very strongly and that he was there for me. definitely one of the highlights in my life so far. now if i am have a crappy day - i just have to remind myself that i've finished a triathlon. boo-yah.

(eta photos from zoomphoto.ca)


triathlon, prepared!

try-a-tri, here i come!

5 more sleeps.

2 more swims.
2 more bikes.
2 more runs.



okay... rob, you were wondering where your post was.

here it is.

my fellow east-coaster.... who enjoys the same degenerated humour as i do. i'm pretty happy i know you. there's less of me now than there was before i met you... you know what i mean. and it's all your fault.