camping 2007

camping this weekend was at mal's campground. the weather was a bit warmer than two weeks ago at bon echo.

we've added this puppy to our camping arsenal - we are really happy with the addition. now if we would just remember to bring the burgers next time! luckily we have generous friends.

here are some photographic highlights:

unless we are blessed with an amazingly warm last few weeks of october, i expect this will be our last camping trip this year. i'm just disappointed we didn't start sooner this summer.

next summer we're planning for at least every third weekend camping. i can't wait. now to plan for winter events. knitting is a winter event, right?

day 6

this was the worst day of all. today is day seven and the coloring has begun to slowly fade away...


day 4

These are the new shoes i got to prevent future rolling of the ankle... (the indoor non-spiky version)



I am very happy that i've come to this place in my life where i am excited about being healthy.

recently i joined soccer. although i enjoy myself, it certainly reinforces the fact that i am a klutz. the 2nd game i got kicked at full force (yeah, my leg kinda does look like a soccer ball), and for good measure stopped the ball with my freshly acquired bruise. i then rolled on my ankle - the opposite way that people usually do. while doing that, i fell on my ass. i am something to see. people should pay... for a comedy of errors.

DAY 1:

DAY 3:

That whitish / red spot in the middle is where the shoe made contact with my leg.

the new bruise on the front of my leg may possibly be from tripping while getting into the bus this morning.

jason thinks i should start taking the shortbus. i kinda have to agree.

okay cold...

the gloves are off!


highlights of balderdash...

my friend liz and her bf ryan were over for a bbq this weekend. much steak was eaten, and much beer and wine was imbibed.

and then we broke out the balderdash.

here are some highlights:

douter: doubting someone who let it go (liz)
makebate: slang for cougars (liz)
faggotist: a bassoon player (actual definition)
shapoo: 1. an arabic hat not so dissimilar to a fez (ryan) 2. shampoo the bum area of a cat (liz)
titbow: another word for a fancy brassiere (me)
bibby: 1. slang for an english law enforcement trainee (jason) 2. what you have to wear if you drooly (me)

thanks for all of the laughs... and the wine.


skyline trail, take 2

finished object(s)

i finished the socks i've been knitting...

The Stats:
Sandnes Garn Sisu - teal
Pattern: My own, for size 6.5 feetsies. i slipped every 4th stitch on one round, plain knit the next.
Started: August 2007
Finished: September 19, 2007

Verdict: i love them

my goal is to replace all of my store bought socks with handknit socks.


camping - bon echo provincial park

we went camping last weekend at bon echo provincial park

here's our tent... see anything missing? poles you say? yeah... we forgot to pack them



did i mention it rained whilst we set up camp?

the much smaller tent we slept in instead of our palace.

luckily, saturday morning started off well...

we went on the lovely shield trail hike and took in the lovely scenery

later we looked at the cliffs... this picture doesn't really do it justice.

the rest of the weekend was filled with lots of food (tacos and burgers and marshmallows...) and lots of sleeping...! it was so cold we kept sleeping in until almost noon.

can't wait to go camping again in 2 weekends!

Feist - 1234 (Director's Version)

something to make you happier



my friend dana and i went hiking in gatineau park today. we took the skyline trail.

we got our butts kicked... some of the inclines were pretty steep... but in the end it was really fun. there were three lookouts along the way that showcased the ottawa valley. we stopped for a light lunch (edamame, crackers, fruit and vegetables) on a rock overlooking the valley. it was very peaceful... except the moment a mosquito decided to fly into my ear.... i was annoyed and told it to "feck off" as a group of people were walking by. explanantions ensued.

we're planning on returning in october to see the fall foliage - i expect it to be breathtaking.

followed by a snack of pita chips and hummus....

next weekend, we're all camping at bon echo park. i love camping... i get so much knitting done!


be still my heart: oh, how i love you keen!

why so many pretty pairs?

imagine how great hand-knit socks would look with these killer mary-janes.

from japan

i got the best package from my friend masako in japan. she has a talent for choosing things she knows i will love. this is one of many parcels she's sent me. i am ashamed to say... i am sooo behind on sending her a parcel, which i have the best intentions of doing. ah, best laid plans.

gohan (food):



i am now searching for nice sandals so that i can wear my tabi socks! proudly!

is it me, or is everything from japan cuter?