I am very happy that i've come to this place in my life where i am excited about being healthy.

recently i joined soccer. although i enjoy myself, it certainly reinforces the fact that i am a klutz. the 2nd game i got kicked at full force (yeah, my leg kinda does look like a soccer ball), and for good measure stopped the ball with my freshly acquired bruise. i then rolled on my ankle - the opposite way that people usually do. while doing that, i fell on my ass. i am something to see. people should pay... for a comedy of errors.

DAY 1:

DAY 3:

That whitish / red spot in the middle is where the shoe made contact with my leg.

the new bruise on the front of my leg may possibly be from tripping while getting into the bus this morning.

jason thinks i should start taking the shortbus. i kinda have to agree.

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