my friend dana and i went hiking in gatineau park today. we took the skyline trail.

we got our butts kicked... some of the inclines were pretty steep... but in the end it was really fun. there were three lookouts along the way that showcased the ottawa valley. we stopped for a light lunch (edamame, crackers, fruit and vegetables) on a rock overlooking the valley. it was very peaceful... except the moment a mosquito decided to fly into my ear.... i was annoyed and told it to "feck off" as a group of people were walking by. explanantions ensued.

we're planning on returning in october to see the fall foliage - i expect it to be breathtaking.

followed by a snack of pita chips and hummus....

next weekend, we're all camping at bon echo park. i love camping... i get so much knitting done!

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