highlights of balderdash...

my friend liz and her bf ryan were over for a bbq this weekend. much steak was eaten, and much beer and wine was imbibed.

and then we broke out the balderdash.

here are some highlights:

douter: doubting someone who let it go (liz)
makebate: slang for cougars (liz)
faggotist: a bassoon player (actual definition)
shapoo: 1. an arabic hat not so dissimilar to a fez (ryan) 2. shampoo the bum area of a cat (liz)
titbow: another word for a fancy brassiere (me)
bibby: 1. slang for an english law enforcement trainee (jason) 2. what you have to wear if you drooly (me)

thanks for all of the laughs... and the wine.

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