update: j is feeling and looking better, bootcamp is finished

two days later and the swelling is almost gone. i'm relieved he's feeling better - i was getting a little worried for a while.

in other news, bootcamp is done. finally. it has done great things for me. i am motivated, i feel better about myself, i feel strong. i am relieved it's finished so that i can incorporate activities into my life, instead of just being stuck with that time each day. i joined a recreational soccer team... and a gym... and i'm planning on doing rock climbing with my sis.

there is an ottawa knit nite meet up tonight in westboro... and i am seriously considering attending.... but i'm kind of pooped. i won't know for a little bit if i'm going to go or not... hmmm.

tomorrow i'm going for a hike in gatineau park at the champlain lookout. an hour in and an hour out. i hope the weather is decent.

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