visit: emergency room

i showed up to bootcamp today (off the bus from work) and met my husband who told me he wouldn't be able to participate today.... he sounded incredibly congested... and i wondered how he'd contracted a severe cold so quickly... until i caught sight of his eye from the corner (he was wearing sunglasses).... it looked kind of puffy. when he took his sunglasses off... his eyes were red, wattery, and one was puffed almost closed.

if you don't know this... i hate to drive. it terrifies me... but there was no way around it today and off we went to the walk in clinic. on our way there.. j cracked jokes and i freaked out because all i could think is his throat is going to close up and then i'll panic and crash the car. his right eye was so bad it puffed all the way shut.

in any case, we got to the walk in clinic (who weren't taking anymore patients) and i told her to take a look at j's eyes. her eyes got really wide and she gasped and said "oh my god, you have to go to emergency".

off to emergency at the queensway-carleton we went. we got checked in, and they called a "level 2" for jason because his lips started to swell. he was in there in no time. they pumped him full of benadryl, gave him ice for his eyes and we hung around for about 2 hours while they monitored him. the swelling reduced quite well after the benadryl. they were all really nice there... and it was interesting for me to hear the goings on. one patient had been admitted for consuming too many of some sort of pills. certainly not pleasant. once i felt sure jason was okay, the only other thing i thought is that i wished i'd packed some knitting in my purse that day.

here are some pictures, post ice & benadryl:

the whole thing kind of reminded me of this scene from hitch:

(note panicked look on eva mendes' face.... that was me - calm, cool, and collected... hah)

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