wedding gift off the needles.... and new project already on the go

I have finally completed the wedding gift I have been working on since last July. Because it's a surprise, I won't be posting any photos, but for ravelry users, click here.

I promised myself that I would not start any new projects until it was finished, so I wouldn't miss the deadline (this June). So, boy was I excited to start a new project. And guess what I started? Socks!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday... I took an early afternoon and headed to the Glebe and hung around in various places (Glebe Trotters, Miss Tiggy Winkles, Second Cup, The Sassy Bead Company) until my dinner date for my first stitch & bitch at the Arrow & Loon.

I was really excited to get invited by SquishyBlue to the knit club... and the pub was so happy to have us. The ladies were all so friendly and interesting... I can't wait for the next one.

Here are some shots of squishyblue's hands in action - look at the speed!

my new project... koigu socks (yarn courtesy of the ever generous squishyblue).


One Match

I just signed up at One Match. I always feel the need to help people, but I don't know how. Well, now I can.

Click here for more info on donating bone marrow and signing up (you could save a life too):