birthday spoiling

there's something i need to tell you.

my husband is bananas when he buys presents. he always goes waaaay over the top and loves to surprise me. this isn't a complaint...

for my birthday, i got:

an ipod docking station

a purse from roots

a kenneth cole watch

... hello kitty items, and tickets to see hawksley workman in november!!!!

i liked turning 30 a lot.

my mom sent me a generous cheque, so i picked up a necklace i have had my eye on for a while:

now i just need a pair of brown blundstones to go with the purse, and we're all set.

*thanks mister - you really know how to make a girl feel special and spoiled rotten


Anonymous said...

I've had my eye on that purse for a while - it's great! Happy birthday!

middlevillage said...

i'm pretty lucky... it's something i never would have bought for myself, but when i was shopping my husband egged me to try it on, and it was love. and i guess he remembered and went back.

i don't think i have shoes that'll go so well with it - but i'll let you know how it functions if you're still thinking about it.