reconnecting in moncton - november 11th

look at all that snow!

here is my friend shannon from high school, and her bf dave. i hadn't seen shannon in about 10 year, and thanks to good ol' facebook, we reconnected. it was such a nice visit - waaaaaay too short! so invited her to come visit me in ottawa. it was great - it felt as though no time had passed (except the obvious changes like being married or having a degree). that's the true test of friendship. 10 years can pass and you wouldn't even know it.
here's jon, also from highschool - also a reconnect from facebook. He helped Kamécha make a snow man. He promptly crumbled once we were all inside.
Tammy's daughter Kamécha. Tammy is Shannon's sister. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of her - wtf!
there were drawing lessons - here is Kaméchas' version of vache. my brother - in't he adorable?
for supper.... chinese food at the buffet in fredericton.

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