hi leanne

this entry is dedicated to my wonderful little sister, leanne.

i don't say enough nice things often enough... because i'm lazy and dumb... because those nice thoughts do actually enter my mind. i think about my little lee-lee pretty often. more often than she probably thinks i do.

in any case, she's a pretty unique and amazing character. she's got what many people would call cohones.

she has travelled accross canada 4 days on a bus to work on an organic farm (for free), and also to see bob dylan - i'll let you guess which one she found more exciting. she is vegan. she has been to china. she's lived in downtown vancouver as an urban agriculturer. she's been to peru with canada world youth. and now she's in the yukon on a dog sled farm. and, i think all of that is in the span of the last 2 years.

she's so adventurous, and free-spirited, and caring, and sensitive, and funny, and unencumbered with thoughts of pointless things. she's the real deal.

it's not that i don't think amazing things about my brother brent, or my other sister melissa - but leanne called me the other night... and i felt i needed to spill my guts out so that everyone (and hopefully this includes her) knows how great i think she is.

she is always the first person to tell me i can do something - and make me feel 100% like i could do it. this does not apply to bungee-jumping - although, she keeps trying. it is all her fault that i knit, and i love her so much for that. she is a gracious recipient of a few socks, mittens... and i'm hoping in the next 3 years, a shawl with a button.

i hope she never changes to 'fit in' with the rest of the world... because we're all searching for the life that she has now.

(love you kiddo)

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