i'm seeing progress

i am proud to say that i attended all 5 sessions of survivor bootcamp this week, no wimping out. today it poured all day, but we were lucky enough that it stopped by 6p.m. did i tell you it's outside rain or shine?

in any case... i'm feeling really good - still hurting - but i feel, energized for lack of a better word. healthy. i want to feed myself good food. i want to take care of myself. this is new to me. usually i just want to drown myself in crunchy chips or ice cream or something.

j's been spectacular - he's a fantastic motivator... making sure i am hydrated, don't indulge in crap (which isn't indulging if it's 1. bad for you ... and 2. not spectacular). i've decided to indulge only occasionally - and only in something truly spectacular.

in any case... i am excited. waiting to see physical results - but the physiological / mental ones are already apparent.

oh, i am going to knit my little heart out tomorrow... whilst jason hogs harry potter. i will read that next weekend.

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