weekend update

i had the most lovely weekend....

saturday i was out and about - shopping for my secret knitting pal (through facebook), for a baby gift - and not to forget, to pick up harry potter.

i puttered around happiy for hours. then i stopped to eat. what a disaster! i wanted to find a cute & quaint little place for me and my reading - but by the time i had to choose, i was so hungry i just stopped at the heart & crown pub. by then, nothing on the menu inspired me and the waitress suggested fish and chips (i didn't want fried)... and i said yes - i'm not making excuses - i'm just stating that i was starving enough at that point to use up a lovely eating opportunity on greasy crap. it was average.... by the time i finished - i NEEDED to have something healthy in my body - so i scoured the market fruit stalls until i found an apple. mmmm... royal gala!!!

in any case... it was so great to feel this difference - the feeling crappy after eating crap feeling. it's another small progress, because along with bootcamp i have been changing my eating habits. i eat breakfast, 2 healthy snacks, and lunch - and a half decent supper. it's not hardcore, but big changes to me. lots of fruit and healthy choices.

all of this gives me extra energy! to knit! i've been working on saffron cables from interweave knits. it's a wedding present for my best friend. good thing her wedding is next summer, because i've calculated - and it will take me 75 hours to knit. no problem! pride and prejudice (the dvds) have just arrived courtesy of my library. i've added "road to avonlea" seasons 1 through 7 to my requested list now too. i'll be fine!

and, last night, i made it up 2 flights of stairs, and still had my breath... that was my goal for the bootcamp program - and i've already achieved it. now onto the next goal: weight loss!

also - i'm almost pain free at this point... no more walking like a cowboy - we'll see after wednesday (legs day).... eep.

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