survivor bootcamp

today... i begin http://www.survivorbootcamp.com/.

i have been slowly creeping up the scales for the past, oh, 8 years.... and am now at the point of desperation.

5 days a week, 1 hour a day, 4 weeks - i'm going to get my butt kicked. and to be honest, i am so excited!! i do love a challenge, and i know it's going to be hard and i'm going to complain and be miserable... but it's that same kind of complaining and being miserable that you know is going to end up being good for you in the end (you know, like eating spinnach or going to your annual exam). speaking of annual exams, i had mine today. my bad cholesterol is not so good... my doctor recommends more exercise. well, the timing couldn't have been any better. my life has been like that lately. timing has been perfect - too perfect to notice. for example, i received the "foster parents plan" package at a time where i really needed to have someone else to think about.... you know, life's interesting turns.

in any case... it all comes back to knitting. how, you might ask? there are so many projects i would love to knit for myself, clothingwise.... but i have stalled. 1. because the amount of yarn i would need is a lot 2. because i keep telling myself... well, i'll buy new clothes when i lose weight. darn it, it's time to do something about it.... can you tell my "thriftiness" is a major motivation? well, i am unashamed.

so, there goes nothing. i'm looking forward to tonight. the interesting part is it's 'rain or shine'... so i'll be out there in the muck "giving him 20, soldier"...

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