how to use a long weekend...

first, i need to point out - thursday was 42 degrees celsius (with humidex) and environment canada urged people not to exercise. but of course, we were rebels and did anyhow - just a low impact version (no running, minimal reps).

i am actually starting to see results now. i am so excited. my clothes certainly fit differently... i have energy for once in my life. and i've lost 9 pounds - in 3 weeks, i think that is a worthy accomplishment.

i am hooked. jason and i have now signed up for the next class and we're going to do it together. i am so excited to do it with him! he's a jock - and i have never been sporty, so i am hoping we'll have a healthy competitveness and push each other. i'm pleasantly surprised at the change... i want to do things now - like hiking, biking, you name it.... i want to DO things!

as for the long weekend... well, there was some cleaning, shopping, knitting, dim sum, supper, knitting and knitting. i have finished the first of 4 repeats of the pattern for saffron cables. i have noticed some mistakes - but, well, i'll just tell them that the blanket is a lot like marriage - it might have a few mistakes somewhere, but it doesn't make it any less beautiful.... (nice, eh?).

i think i'd best start on my christmas projects now - i think i have a few pairs of socks to get finished... and a baby blanket for a christmas baby.

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