week six, bootcamp

now we're rolling!

i've finished the sixth week of bootcamp. i am officially maintaining a loss of 10 pounds - and this is, ahem, that week that i tend to be a little more bloated than usual. i am curious to see where i weigh in a week from now.

so far, i've worn 2 pairs of pants that i'd retired because they were too tight... and i bought a new pair of jeans (albeit at value village, but ya'd never know it)... my "fat pants" are too loose, finally. i have decided to start tossing all "fat" clothes as soon as i grow out of them. i don't ever want to go back, and i don't want an excuse. if my pants are snug now... then i'm going to exercise!

even my mother in law commented that i'd lost weight.

friday night j brought me to goodlife and i joined. although i'm not a gym person, i am really excited about this prospect. bootcamp has been great for me - just the kick in the pants that i needed.... now i feel confident in my ability to work my workouts into my life, instead of working my life around my 6-7pm workout. goodlife has lots of different types of hour-long classes at various locations and times. i'll be able to work out with lots of people i know that are members... and start doing other things i've been missing, such as the ottawa knit nights.

i'm excited about this winter too. jason and i have decided to buy cross-country skis. and i'm going to trade in both pairs of skates that i own, and make a third attempt at finding comfortable skates. i think the trick will be buying a size that's not too tight (yeah, i'm a genius).

and my sis, liss, has agreed to try out climbing at one of the indoor rock walls.

i never knew this side of me. i'm excited to be so active for the first time in my life.

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