week 4 - finished!

well, i finished bootcamp - all four weeks without missing a day. i am proud of myself. i think i've shed a few pounds, but no changes in the inches yet, however, i have seen a big difference in my physical abilities. i doubled my push ups and crunches and shaved almost 30 seconds off of my 1km run. also, i'm not as "flabby"... my stomach is a little less jelly-like, and my face is not so puffy looking.

i'm starting it all over again on monday - this time with jason, so i am really excited for that. i know i've felt so much better overall - mentally, and i have had gads of energy - i'm hoping jason will reap the same rewards. it will be so nice to do lots of activities with him.

i have cast on for christmas... usually i knit socks, so it's good to start early. i've also finished the first repeat of saffron cables... and i'll put that down until after the christmas knitting is done.

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