steamtrain and other adventures

Yesterday J and I, along with his family, took the hull-wakefield steamtrain. It was a combined birthday excursion for myself and my father-in-law. My birthday is coming up, but we celebrated on his birthday.

the steamtrain:

look, a junkyard!:

lovely wakefield:

lunchstop at bistro des milles delices (which does not have a website)... we had cold tomato and basil soup (refreshing!)... J had smoked salmon and herbed creamcheese roulades, and i had the smoked duck with lentil salad. both delicious!

there was plenty of entertainment on the train... music, face / arm painting for my niece and nephew... and of course the gift shop (my niece got a pink and white conductor had she was extremely taken with, and my nephew got a miniature train)

by the pictures you would never know, but the weather was pretty stormy - but all in all it was a fun time. i would recommend it - but eat on the train so that you have time to shop in wakefield. we only had 2 hours - and we just made it back with a few minutes to spare and that was only stopping to eat.

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