knitting.... starting the gift knitting early

here's what i've been working on recently...

blanket - a gift for my friends who will be married next summer

socks, for my sister for christmas.

i think i still have a bit more sock knitting left this year. i was going to knit vinnland, but noticed it was a toe up, and i'd already cast on for a top down... so i just invented my own pattern... slipped every 4th stitch on every other round. it's simple, looks nice.

j and i attended the ottawa japanese community association golf tournament yesterday. our team won (thanks to the 17 year old wonder-kid on our team). yay! i'm a big ol' baby and needed a pull cart after 9 holes. we are members of the association - j is one- half japanese, one-half canadian. we would like to keep and learn as much japanese culture as possible so that one we have kids, we can pass it along to them.... they will be carrying along the family name.

i'm going for lunch with ildiko - who attended the first round of bootcamp with me. we're going to ottawa's first all you can eat sushi joint: Sushi Kan. I'm terribly excited!


kt83 said...

I love the blanket. What pattern is it?

quitenak said...

Saffron Cables from Interweave Knits.