harry potter, elizabeth bennet & mr. darcy.

i realize now that i didn't update about my most wonderful weekend....

saturday was set aside especially for harry potter. from 9 am until 2 am.... there was no stopping me. i finished the book.... and i was satisfied.

saturday, i watched the first 3 of 6 episodes of the bbc pride and prejudice mini-series. i was off monday and finished the remainder of the episodes.

i really couldn't think of a better way to spend a weekend.

i got a lot more knitting done on the saffron cables - i'm now at line 30 of 75 - of the first of four repeats on the pattern.... i've got a long way to go. i've taken to bringing my knitting to bootcamp - because i have about an hour wait before class. apparently i should be using it to stretch, seeing as i pulled a groin muscle yesterday. ouch! only 8 more classes left - then i'm done bootcamp!!

i'm going to have to find other things to fill the void now...

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Anonymous said...

We love P&P! I never get tired of it.